Psychic Consultant Dina
About Me

About Me

I invite you to experience my one of a kind God-given gift.  Do not confuse me with others.  I consider myself not only a psychic, but a life consultant.  I offer advice on all life's difficulties:  love, family, career, money, restoring passion and desire, as well as sexual and emotional problems.  I believe that everyone deserves to find peace, happiness, and love in their lives.

Every person is unique and depending on what a person needs can determine what type of reading would work best for them.  I offer palm reading, tarot card reading, crystal ball reading, aura reading, and dream interpretation.  I balance Chakras, offer guided meditation, love therapy, astrology charts, and life coaching.

I realized I had a gift when I was 9 years old.  By age 15 I began studying my abilities and working with other psychics and counselors.  I have dedicated my life to helping those who cannot help themselves.  I enjoy using my gift and knowing that I've used my gift for good and not bad.  There is enough bad in the world already.

I work to help people live their best life and get on the right path.  Whether its reuniting my clients with loved ones, helping them find success, discovering life's answers, or most importantly, just finding true happiness.  I am an expert in meditation, aura cleansing, past life regression, and casting out negativity.  I choose not to cast spells, but I can undo them.  I work naturally and through God and my spirit guides. I know at the end of the day it's not what I say that matters, it is what I see that God has put in front of me that matters.  I trust you will find what your looking for through my gift.